Ottomobile 1/18 Audi Quattro Rallye 1985 RMC

Manufacturer: Ottomobile Product Code: OT820

1/18 Audi Quattro Rallye 1985 RMC (sealed resin body)


Scale: 1/18


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The Audi Sport quattro Rallye is without a shadow of a doubt the most famous German rally car in the world. In 1985, a year before the legendary S1 was introduced, Audi Sport set out to conquer the World Rally Championship with a new, even more powerful version of its Quattro. Behind the wheel of this behemoth was none other than the German world champion in the field: the one and only Walter Röhrl! In 1985, at the wheel of this new Audi Quattro Sport, Röhrl took 3rd place in the championship. This was to be his best result since his second title in 1982 and would remain so until his retirement in 1987. In 1985, at Monte-Carlo, he finished second behind the 1985 champion: the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 1.